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In our digital world, it is very easy to log onto the World Wide Web from a desktop, laptop, iPad, or mobile phone, to purchase Travel Insurance online, 24 hours a day, 7 days/week.  The real question is not, where to buy Travel Insurance online, but with so many options, how to make an intelligent choice online?

Travel in 2022


  • At the very top of the list of concerns, I suspect would be flight cancellations and flight delays.  To put your mind at ease, you should know that, a consumer is entitled to a refund if the airline cancelled or delayed a flight regardless of reason, and the consumer chooses not to travel.  No need to purchase Travel Insurance for this scenario because our regulatory agencies have your back.
  • Weather situations, including, but are not limited to tropical storms, which have intensified and become more frequent during the last 20 years, hurricanes, snow storms, etc., can really put a wrinkle into ones travel plans.  Since they are considered acts of God, no individual or company is held responsible for your financial loss (deposits) in those cases.  To protect your financial investment due to weather related issues, Travel Insurance becomes a viable option.
  • Covid-19 and Covid-19 related illnesses remain a concern that can affect your travel itinerary.  Should you become ill while traveling or test positive while away, Travel Insurance may be the answer needed to address this specific problem.


  • Can I eliminate my financial exposure caused by issues tied to travel?  No!
  • The only way to eliminate financial exposure caused by issues tied to travel is not to travel.
  • Can you minimize financial exposure caused by issues tied to travel by purchasing Travel Insurance?  Yes!

Issues We Cannot ControlPhotos of a storm

  • Cancellations-There is an awful lot of finger pointing within the airline industry today, but it appears, pilot shortage is a major cause of the ongoing flight cancellation problem.
  • Weather-Global warming has been pegged as a contributing factor tied to the shift in the frequency and severity of our weather today.  That being said, how much control does any one individual have on the weather?

Issues Within Our Control

  • Insure our travel deposits-As we go through our daily lives, there are situations and events with which we have absolutely no control.  One can spend a great deal of time listening and conversing about issues we cannot control.  However, I think our time is much better spent identifying and looking for options to eliminate, minimize, or insure against potential financial loses caused directly by travel issues we can envision.  Insurable issues we can envision and insure against, would include but not be limited to the following:Insurance Policy
    • Illness (yours or someone for whom you must care)
    • Injury
    • Death
    • Severe weather
    • Natural disaster
    • Epidemic at your destination
    • Terrorist activity in the destination area
    • Lost luggage
    • Delays in reaching connecting flights
    • Theft of your belongings
    • Emergency evacuation
    • Medical expenses
    • Added expenses for hotels and meals caused by positive Covid-19 test
  • Self-insure our travel depositsA study completed by the US Travel Insurance Association indicates that prior to 9/11, only about 10% of leisure travelers purchased Travel Insurance.  Today, more than 30% (that percentage is higher for people taking a cruise) of leisure travelers buy it.   Those numbers tell me that the majority of leisure travelers choose to self-insure (choose not to purchase Travel Insurance).  Why?  It seems that two-thirds of those who choose to self-insure would consider purchasing Travel Insurance if faced with terrorist acts, unforeseen events, travel to a foreign country, lost luggage concerns, weather concerns, aging, and protecting the cost of the trip.  So, as I review the list of reasons most people choose to self-insure, it appears their decision is based on a Russian roulette mentality.


The solution to protecting any financial exposure tied to travel, would be the purchase of Travel Insurance.

You can purchase Travel Insurance directly from an insurance provider over the telephone or online.

You may want to see if your credit card company offers Travel Insurance coverage on trips purchased using their card.

Today, search engines will provide results from a given key word search.  For example, type the words “Travel Insurance” into your search bar and you will get a blinding amount of suggestions from which to choose.

Most people just want someone to point them in the right direction.  So, the intent of this article is to provide two online options.

Option one is to guide you to a highly ranked direct writer of Travel Insurance.

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Option two will direct you to a Travel Insurance platform that will allow you to get several Travel Insurance quotes from an platform comprised of highly rated insurance providers.  You choose the carrier that best suits your needs.

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Given the cost of travel today, the increased frequency and severity of our weather events, and the fact that Covid-19 and the related illnesses coming from Covid-19 will be part of our foreseeable future, the need for Travel Insurance will only increase.

There are many online options available for purchasing Travel Insurance.  In fact, with so many possibilities available, it may be difficult to determine the best solution for you.  The sole purpose of this article was to cut down on the confusion, and help the reader make an educated decision.Oner Thumb up and one thumb down

Far too many people are deciding not to purchase Travel Insurance, which in my opinion is an exercise in playing Russian roulette.  This article has provided two viable options for protecting our financial exposure caused by travel, through the purchase of Travel Insurance.  The next step is in your hands.

I look forward to reading your comments and don’t forget to share this article with friends and family.

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