Travel Insurance and Pregnancy

You’re pregnant and would like to take one last trip to a warm destination, do a little site seeing, or simply want to visit family and friends before your newborn arrives. You may have potential risk concerns especially regarding air travel, but according to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist (ACOG), there are very few reasons not to travel if you have a normal low risk pregnancy. That being said, always check with your doctor. Your priorities should be to stay healthy, comfortable, and prepared.  Travel insurance, is most often the one critical piece omitted when making travel plans. Travel Insurance during pregnancy should be a no brainer. Before you book, there are a few additional things gleaned from an article on the Travelex Insurance Blog I think you should consider.


  • Information gained through The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist (ACOG), indicates pregnant women can travel safely until close to their due dates. However, travel may not be recommended for women who have pregnancy complications. If you are planning a trip, please talk to your obstetrician-gynecologist (ob-gyn).
  • There is no law prohibiting flying in the third trimester of pregnancy. Each airline has their own rules, so be sure to contact them directly before booking.
  • Your first trimester may be exhausting and include morning sickness. The second trimester may be the most comfortable for traveling.

Pre Flight Preparations

  • Plan to arrive at the airport early so you’re not stressed.
  • Wear slip on shoes and reduce items you will have to remove.Airport Terminal
  • Secure a comfortable seat near the front of the aircraft, where the airflow seems to be better.
  • Go for an aisle seat (not on an exit row), so you have easy access to the bathroom.
  • Dress in layers so you can shed them when overheated, and put a sweater in your carry-on for those moments when you’re cold.
  • Bring snacks. If you are battling morning sickness, pack ginger candies, crackers, or whatever else helps calm your stomach. Please reference the guidelines attached for taking food on a plane.

During your Trip

  • Take it easy. Relax, get plenty of sleep, and don’t stress.
  • Are the activities scheduled compatible with pregnancy (maybe schedule a bus tour as opposed to a biking tour).

Preparation for the unexpected

  • You never know when an emergency will come up. If you are traveling in the United States, locate the nearest hospital or medical clinic in the place you are visiting. Also, check whether they accept your health insurance.
  • To find a doctor while traveling in the United States, The American Medical Association (AMA) has a free Doctor Finding tool that may be of assistance at

If you are traveling outside of the United States, The International Association for Assistance to Travelers (IAMAT) has a worldwide directory of doctors who provide health care for travelers. You must be a member to view the directory of doctors, but membership is free at


Recently, in a USA Today article published April 3, 2022, the headlines read “Spring Break Travel Mess: Airlines Cancel, Delay 12,000 Weekend Flights”. The article explained that the flight cancellations were caused by a storm in Florida and technology issues at Southwestern Airlines.

As mentioned earlier, you never know when an emergency will come up. In this article our focus is on pregnancy and potential medical issues that may arise and complicate travel plans, due to pregnancy. However, when traveling there are a host of possibilities that may have huge financial ramifications to negatively affect travel plans.  Travel Insurance can provide financial relief, and piece of mind to keep this one last trip stress free.


Pregnancy, under normal conditions, is not a reason to cancel your travel plans, but again please consult your doctor. Just make sure you are prepared. An essential part of your preparation should include travel insurance. Enjoy your trip.

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