July Vacation Ideas-2022

The date is April 28, 2022.  Dr. Fauci is quoted as saying “we are in a different moment of the pandemic.”  The US has “decelerated and transitioned into more of a controlled phase, but by no means does that mean the pandemic is over.”   If you have put your travel plans on hold because of covid-19, this may be the time to plan for a getaway as long as your plans include health safety for both you and fellow travelers.   Covid-19 and its ramifications could still interrupt your travel plans causing financial hardship so, an important part of you planning should also include cancel for any reason travel insurance.  In this article, I want to high light several potential destinations that rank high on my July Vacation Ideas List.

Vancouver Canada

Vancouver in July: Summer is the season to visit Vancouver.  Not only are people flocking by plane, train, and car, but cruise ship passengers are also settling in for a night or two to explore this city.  The month of July in Vancouver has the fewest rainy days (four on average) and the most hours of sunlight.  There’s only moderate humidity, and it’s warm and comfortable.  The average afternoon high in July is a pleasant 74 Degrees Fahrenheit, with the night time low a comfortable 54 Degrees.

Things to do: The weather, combined with the fact that Vancouver is surrounded by water, and plenty of beautiful beaches, make July the perfect time to visit.

  • Bard on the Beach: Western Canada’s largest not-for-profit, professional Shakespeare Festival.  Presented in Vancouver’s Senakw/Vanier Park against a backdrop of mountains, sea, and sky, the festival offers Shakespeare plays, related dramas and special events from June through September.
  • Dancing on the Edge: A festival of contemporary dance presents 30 programs by 20 different Canadian dance companies over several days in July.
  • Celebration of Lights: The city’s biggest live celebration happening at the end of July, promises food, live music and fireworks to light up the night.
  • Vancouver Folk Music Festival: If folk music is your thing, consider visiting around the middle of July.  The Vancouver Folk Music Festival is set to take place at Jericho Beach Park from July 15th
    to 17th.
  • International Jazz Festival: The Coastal Jazz and Blues Society’s annual festival runs through July 1st .  This festival features a wide range of blues, roots, and jazz musicians at venues throughout Vancouver.
  • Stanley Park: An urban park that includes cliffs and water views.  This family friendly environment has a lot to offer kids, from kiddie driving lessons, a farmyard, and a free water park.

Additional details and booking information for the events listed above can be found at tripsavvy.com.

Denver Colorado

Denver in July: July is the hottest month in Denver with high temperatures of 89 Degrees Fahrenheit.  However,  given the high altitude, climate, and gentle summer breeze, it rarely feels unpleasant.  The humidity is low, so the evenings can feel slightly cool with lows of 60 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Things to doThere are so many things to see and do in Denver.  I’ve decided to focus on what I consider the Denver Must-Sees.

  • Downtown Denver:  Denver has one of the most walkable downtowns in the nation.  The 16th Street Mall is a tree-lined promenade that runs through the center of Downtown and is lined with outdoor cafes, renovated historic office buildings, skyscrapers, shops, restaurants and retail stores.  Larimer Square is Denver’s urban shopping and dining district.  Victorian buildings house specialty boutiques and unique chef-driven restaurants.  LoBo is a thriving mixed use neighborhood of 25 square blocks located in Denver’s premier historic district.  This area is home to more than 20 art galleries, approximately 100 restaurants and clubs, professional, service and retail businesses, as well as residential units.  Denver Union Station has been transformed into a transportation, dining, shopping and entertainment hub, and hotel.
  • Art and Culture:  The Denver art museum
    is dedicated to helping visitors explore art through hands-on-activities, extensive art collections, and world-class exhibitions.  The Meow Wolf Denver is an immersive art experience that transports participants of all ages into new dimensions.   Murals and Street Art cover the urban landscape.  Artists have been making alleyways, building exteriors, warehouses, garage doors, and storefronts a unique canvas for displaying their art.
  • History and Western Heritage: The History Colorado Center is designed to awaken imaginations of all ages about Colorado history through high-tech and hands-on-exhibits.  The Colorado Railroad Museum is a 15 acre rail yard featuring over 100 engines, cabooses and coaches, a garden railway, a renowned library, and a roundhouse restoration facility.  The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave is located in Lookout Mountain Park.  The park offers a museum dedicated to the life and times of Buffalo Bill, his internationally known Wild West show, a curio shop and café, short hiking trails, a picnic area, and sweeping views from the mountains to the plains.
  • Parks and Outdoor Activities:  Confluence Park, once the site of a gold mining camp founded in 1858, is now the heart of Denver’s bike trail network.  The park is surrounded by various attractions.  City Park, Denver’s largest park, has several lakes, great mountain views, a public golf course, flower gardens and a hiking/jogging trail that is exactly one mile high.  Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park, the only downtown theme park in America.

Additional details for the events listed above can be found at Denver.org.


I have had the pleasure of spending time in Vancouver and Denver.  Both cities are beautiful with a plethora of things to do.   July is just around the corner, and people are itching to travel, so I suggest getting your travel plans locked down sooner rather than later.  Please don’t forget to include travel insurance in your planning process.  Enjoy your trip.

I look forward to reading your comments and don’t forget to share this article with friends and family.

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say thank you on this advice. I’ve been thinking about going to Vancouver for a while now however i was never sure if i actually would. Your website shows many things to do there so i am deffo gonna go in the next year/two year thanks to me reading more info about it on this website so just wanted to say thanks, Alex.

    • Hey Alex,

      Glad you enjoyed the article.  However, I strongly recommend going in July when the days are longer and rain is at a minimum.  God Bless.



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