East Coast Getaway Ideas-2022

Are you tired of not being unable to travel for the last two years? Are you feeling as if you’re going to lose your mind? But, the idea of traveling outside of the United States is still a bit scary because COVID-19 remains a real concern. In fact, the fear and cost of being quarantined in another country has made travel destinations within the U.S. very attractive. The goal of this article is to provide two U.S. destinations as possible options to consider. I will provide a review for each destination which will include attractions, hotel costs, a calculator to determine approximate airline and/or gas costs, and the cost of travel insurance. Finally, I’ll provide a spreadsheet for your use in summarizing actual cost for a fun filled East Coast Getaway.



One of the east coast travel destinations to consider is Miami. Known for its beaches, culinary delights, nightlife, and scenery, Miami is a perfect quick getaway for whatever your heart desires.

Beaches-There are more than a dozen great beaches to explore along the Miami coast line. The sands are soft and white and the water light blue to nearly clear aqua lending itself to a variety of things to do including but not limited to:

  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Canoe or Kayak OutingsMiami
  • Jogging
  • Surfing
  • Bike Riding
  • Skating
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Sun Bathing

Culinary Delights-If variety is the spice of life than a trip to Miami will not disappoint. You can choose from culinary options that include but are not limited to Latin, Columbian, Peruvian, Cuban, Jewish, etc. If you can’t decide, there are always a number of culinary tours that may provide a sampling of many different cultural flavors. The point is, Miami provides a plethora of food options to satisfy any and every appetite. To find an extensive list of culinary choices, visit tripadvisor.com, enter your destination in the area labeled “where to?”, and on the page that follows select restaurants.

Nightlife-Whether you want to check out nightclubs, go dancing or relax in an artsy cocktail bar, you’ll find it under the moonlight in Miami.

Greater Miami and Miami Beach ranks among the world’s best places to enjoy exciting nightlife.

Miami provides an amazing diversity of nightlife options. Picture yourself salsa dancing or sipping a cocktail surrounded by street murals. How about taking in the skyline from a rooftop bar. Maybe you would prefer one of the cool spots with live music on the venue.

In any event, a visit to nightflow.com/miami-nightlife would be an excellent tool to use when seeking nightlife options.

Scenery-Miami’s coastline is breathtaking. This paradise provides numerous ways to take in the views. A much laid back approach for seeing the area would be to book one of the tours available. The options would include bus tours, walking tours, boat tours or even renting a car to navigate your own driving tour.

If you prefer spending more time with nature, Miami offers many beautiful parks to visit.

Finally, if you are looking for a birds eye view of Miami, I recommend booking a helicopter, balloon or private plane tour.

Tripadvisor is a great place to view and book tours. To do so, enter your destination in the area labeled “where to?”, and on the page that follows select things to do.

Washington DC

A second east coast travel destination to consider is Washington DC, a sightseeing gold mine. Between the last few weeks in March and the first week of April, you can witness the Washington DC famous Cherry Blossoms in bloom. If that is of no interest to you, consider a visit to one of the many other historic and/or sightseeing attractions available.

Cherry Blossoms-In 1912, the Mayor of Tokyo sent approximately 3,000 cherry trees to America as a gift to celebrate the friendship between the Japanese and American people. That gift was the birth of the now well-known Cherry Blossom Festival which runs every year from March to April. A visit to the DC Tidal Basin during this time period is a beautiful site to see.

Sightseeing Attractions-DC is a great city to visit. This destination can boast of offering many sightseeing options including but not limited to:

  • The White House
  • United States Capitol
  • United States Supreme Court BuildingWashington DC
  • Memorials (Washington, Lincoln, etc.)
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • United States Botanic Garden
  • Eastern Market
  • Washington National Cathedral
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Tidal Basin
  • Parks
  • Many Statues

A great tool for deciding how to plan your DC east coast getaway can found by visiting washington.org.


Now that you have two great destinations from which to choose, what are the costs?

There are several online tools we can use to help determine approximate overall cost associated with the destination of choice. I prefer tripadvisor.com for arriving at costs for hotel, food and entertainment. Travelmath.com for costs associated with air travel or estimated cost of gas for car travel. Today with all the travel concerns including quarantine, disasters, and possible health issues, I never travel without purchasing travel insurance. My travel insurance policy of choice is Travelex.


Once estimated costs have been ascertained, feel free to use the attached spreadsheet to summarize your findings:

Travel Spreadsheet

Air Fare








Now that the research is complete, it’s time to book your East Coast Getaway. Enjoy!

I look forward to reading your comments and don’t forget to share this article with friends and family.

4 thoughts on “East Coast Getaway Ideas-2022”

  1. Love the East Coast Get Away Article and hope to visit both DC & Miami soon! I will make sure that I add Travel Insurance for future adventures….

  2. What a good idea to think about the East Coast to go on a holiday, because as you say, Covid is still around, so better be careful. I would definitely choose Miami from this list, and I hope to go snorkeling soon! I love kayaking as well, where exactly could I do that in Miami please? thanks!

    • Lizzy,

      Thanks for the feedback.  So glad to know you enjoyed the article.  Most everybody is itching to go somewhere.  If Miami is your destination of choice and snorkeling or kayaking the activity of choice, then you have many options available.  My suggestion would be to revisit my article, click on TripAdvisor, enter Miami as your destination, and the page that follows select things to do.  Under things to do select water activities and take your pick.  Enjoy.


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