CE Credits 4 Insurance Agents – (Guidelines for each State)


In the United States, insurance is state regulated.  This article will cover the step-by-step process you’ll need to follow in order to satisfy the CE credits 4 insurance agents required by each state.

What Are My State’s Requirements?

Most states require insurance agents to complete an annual renewal application and/or pay renewal fees.  In addition, states may require completion of courses to earn the CE credits needed to retain one’s license.

I moved to North Carolina a few years ago and after going through required procedures to change my resident state license to my current state (North Carolina), the only thing I wanted to do, was find out the requirements to maintain my insurance license.Map of the United States

I discovered insurance agents licensed In North Carolina are not required to complete a renewal application or pay renewal fees.  However, they must complete 24 credits of continuing education every two years to avoid non-renewal of their license.  Three of these hours must be in the subject of ethics.  If your license allows you to sell property lines, you must also complete three hours in the subject of flood insurance during your first compliance period and then again every four years.  Credits cannot include the same course taken repeatedly in one reporting period.  The expiration of one’s license will be on the last day of your birth month, biennially.  This means if you were born in an even numbered year, your license would always expire on the last day of your birth month in even numbered years.  If you obtained your license in an odd numbered year, but were born in an even numbered year, your first license period may be longer than two years.

The information provided above can be gleaned from your state’s department of insurance website, but the path to the information was quite confusing.  I decided to explore the difficulty of gathering the same information from my previous state’s Department of Insurance website.  Much to my surprise, it was just as difficult navigating that state’s website to find specific answers to my CE questions.

How Can I Meet My State’s Requirements?

The CE requirement may be achieved by taking your continuing education courses in person via approved classroom settings, approved webinars, or approved online courses.

Upon completion of a classroom course, the instructor is responsible for providing proof of completion directly to the state.Classroom with students

If you prefer the online self-paced option, courses will require reading the subject material and a test at the end.  The company providing the online course should send your certificate of completion directly to the state.

No matter which method you choose for meeting your CE requirement, print and maintain a copy of the certificate of completion for your records, and periodically log onto Sircon CE Transcript to Laptop computer -'Join us online'verify if all credits earned appear.

This article is directed toward meeting each state’s CE requirements.  However, many states, unlike North Carolina, require agents to pay a renewal fee in order to maintain their insurance license.  So, even if you have met the CE requirements for your state, don’t forget to pay the required license renewal fee.

Web Based CE Providers For All States

There are a number of web based online providers.  I spent time going to different sites looking for reputable companies with sites that were easy to navigate.  Below are three great options:




Getting Started

I’ve already indicated the difficulty I incurred when trying to uncover CE credit requirements for my state (I found no exceptions on any state site I reviewed).

That being said, I learned there were various companies (see the partial list noted above) offering online options for earning the CE credits needed in my state.  In fact, some of these companies were equipped to meet the CE requirements of most, if not every state in the US.Sprinter at the starting line

After looking at a few companies, I learned that their websites were updated with specific requirements for each state.  All I had to do was log onto their website, choose my resident state, click a button labeled review requirements, and the information for my state appeared on the next screen.

The aforementioned sites were set up to offer a package of courses to meet state qualifications, or you had the option to select your own.  Upon completion of each course, your certificate of completion was sent directly to the appropriate department for your state, and within days your credits would appear on Sircon CE Transcript.

How Will The State Know I’ve Met My CE Credit Requirements?

If your preferred method for meeting state CE requirements is the classroom, then the instructor has an obligation to make sure the state receives any required documentation needed to update your transcript.  Again, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of logging onto Sircon CE Transcript periodically to make sure all credits earned are posted to your transcript.

However, if you prefer earning CE credits at your own pace, using a reputable web-based company, your earned credits will be transmitted to the appropriate resident state’s insurance reporting department shortly after completing the course with a passing grade.  While this process is handled entirely by the web-based company, I still recommend retaining a certificate of completion from each course successfully completed, for your records.  Logging onto Sircon CE Transcript periodically to review your transcript, is always a good idea.


Every licensed insurance agent hoping to retain and/or renew their license, has an obligation to:

-Know his/her state’s licensing requirements.

-Know and understand the state’s CE requirements.

-Know options available for meeting your state’s CE requirements.

-Lay out a timely action plan for meeting CE requirements.

For me, web-based learning using a reputable company was a way to satisfy each of the steps outlined above.  By going to one location, I was able to:

-Find my state’s specific licensing requirements.

-Identify my state’s specific CE requirements.

-Order and purchase the courses needed in a preselected package or a la cart.

– Plan a schedule of attack for meeting my CE requirements which is most suitable for my lifestyle (study early in the morning or late at night).

Therefore, einsurancetraining has become my web-based company of choice.  All my CE questions can be answered in one location with just a few easy clicks.

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