July Vacation Ideas-2022

Fireworks in July

The date is April 28, 2022.  Dr. Fauci is quoted as saying “we are in a different moment of the pandemic.”  The US has “decelerated and transitioned into more of a controlled phase, but by no means does that mean the pandemic is over.”   If you have put your travel plans on hold because of … Read more

Home Security Ideas – DIY

Example of a Well Lit House

Covid-19 has altered our lives. We spent the better part of the last two years confined to our homes. Many of us, who still had jobs, were working from home. Now, slowly but surely we are beginning to venture out more and more. Recently, employers have been looking to get employees back in the office … Read more

East Coast Getaway Ideas-2022

East coast getaway-Two people getting away

Are you tired of not being unable to travel for the last two years? Are you feeling as if you’re going to lose your mind? But, the idea of traveling outside of the United States is still a bit scary because COVID-19 remains a real concern. In fact, the fear and cost of being quarantined … Read more

Do It Yourself Home Security Kit

Do it yourself security kit--Lock and Fist

If you are reading this post, I know your home and /or its content are valuable to you. The value of a home security kit is already at the forefront of your thinking. You know a little bit about the home security marketplace and believe you can handle the install. At present, your only question … Read more

About SED

Hi, I am SED, founder of the My Insurance Market Places website and experience. Insurance has been my vehicle of chose for providing the revenue needed to support and care for my family. Utilizing my experience, I have designed a website with you, the consumer in mind. MY STORY I spent the last three decades … Read more