Can You Buy Life Insurance Online?

The quick answer is yes!  The more important question is …. Given the opportunity, would you purchase Life Insurance Online?

Hers are a few statistics:

  • In 2020, 54% of Americans were insured, with 1 in 3 families remaining uninsured.
  • In 2020, there was a sixteen percent gap in ownership of Life Insurance policies.  In simple terms, that means more people say they own life insurance policies than those who actually do.
  • 50% of all people searching for Life Insurance tend to value convenience, speed, and simplicity in underwriting over all other factors.
  • A review of all statistics indicate that the purchase of Life Insurance remains an emotional purchase and 41% of consumers buy a policy in person.

Where To Purchase Life Insurance Online

The question of where to purchase Life Insurance Online will depend on personal preference. If you prefer interaction with an agent, most Life Insurance Companies provide websites that will point you in the direction of an agent that will interact by text and or telephone based on your comfort level.

Another option would be the various Online Platforms of companies.  Each platform offers slightly different claims for meeting your Life Insurance needs:

  • Find the cheapest coverage in minutes.
  • Coverage from top Life Insurers in minutes.
  • Compare 10 best Term Life Insurance options in minutes.
  • Compare Life Insurance Quotes Online.
  • Instant Life Insurance Online for as low as $XX/month.
  • Find the best coverage at one location.

A third option would be for you, the purchaser, to remain in control of the entire Life Insurance purchasing process from the quoting stage through the purchase of your approved policy.

How Do I find The Most Consumer Friendly Platform?

The internet offers a plethora of information.  However, unless you know where to look, this can be a very confusing undertaking.  Let me suggest a few key thoughts to help narrow your search:

  • Ease of use-An insurance website should make it easy for visitors to find information.
  • Narrow your search-Run a search for those Life Insurance Companies with the most user friendly platforms.
  • Zoom in-Using the results of the prior search, if you only want to look at companies that offer the ability to quote, approve, and issue online, you will find a smaller number of options available making your choices much more manageable.

Ethos?  Is It A Hoax?

When I began looking for Life Insurance Companies that offered the quote to Issuance Option, The Ethos Company continued to pop up.  I spent the last 37 years in the Insurance Industry, and the quote to issuance Online was never an option. 

I didn’t see as an obstacle obtaining a quote Online.  However, completing an application online, and obtaining underwriting approval Online was as a huge obstacle.  During my years of writing Life Insurance, the underwriting process was often quite long and painful.  The larger the death benefit chosen, the longer the underwriting process.

The final stage in the Ethos process was to actually issue a policy Online once underwriting applied its stamp of approval.

A Closer Look at Ethos the Company

The founders, Peter Colis and Lingke Wang, started Ethos in 2016 with the goal of making Life Insurance affordable, assessable, and straightforward.  The inspiration for Ethos stemmed from a negative experience with traditional Life Insurance, its processes, and the high pressure sales employed by agents.  In short, our founder purchased an expensive policy he could not afford and soon had to cancel.

Based on that experience, the founders decided the develop Ethos, a company dedicated to making the Life Insurance process honest, transparent, affordable, and easy for the average person to buy Life Insurance.

The traditional process could take weeks to complete.

Ethos has redesigned the application process from start to finish by offering flexible coverage options, eliminating unnecessary hassles, giving you access to valuable Online tools, and if needed a team of licensed agents ready to help you through it all.

The Process From Quote To Policy

The title of the article was: “Can You Buy Life Insurance Online?”  Ethos provides a great process that can satisfy that request.  The step by step process will look like this:

  • Once a quote is requested, you will receive a link in your email.
  • Select apply now to begin the application process.
  • Applicant will be asked to address a few profile questions.
  • The following screen will ask additional questions like legal name etc.
  • The screen that follows will allow the choice of coverage amounts, term length and monthly payment.  You choose the option that is best suited for your needs.
  • After a coverage option is chosen, you will be directed to the next section of the application with basic health, driving, occupational and family history questions.
  • Now the applicant is directed to the beneficiary section.
  • The next step is the automated underwriting review.  If no additional underwriting is needed (which is typical).  The application is marked approved.
  • Upon approval, the next step is to activate the coverage.
  • Continue to the next screen to enter payment details and activate the policy.


If you are truly looking for a great Online Platform to purchase Life Insurance, I have provided a link that will allow you access to your very own Ethos A to Z Online Platform.  Now it is up to you to take the next step.

======> Click here to take the next step

A special note to agents

I was an agent for 37 years and there were always a few clients who needed and wanted Life Insurance, but continued to procrastinate.  Below I have attached an agent’s portal you may wish to explore.  The Ethos connection may be just the right tool to finally get the procrastinator to purchase that much needed Life Insurance policy.

=======> Agents click here for this great option

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