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Covid-19 forced the entire world into isolation for an extended period of time.  Initially, most of us could not imagine being in forced isolation for more than a month or two.  But, by the time we were into month three, a new reality was setting in.  This state of isolation brought with it a growing feeling of loneliness.  To combat that feeling of loneliness many people decided to introduce a new member to the household.

The household pet. (See ASPCA article dated 05/26/2021).

Fast forward two years into the pandemic and almost everyone has been itching to go somewhere.  But now, travel plans need to include this newest family member, the family pet.  Hence, a need to raise the question, is there a Pet Insurance for Travelers?

New Issues to Consider

Pet Insurance

What is Pet Insurance?  Pet Insurance is a policy that covers various medical costs incurred by your pet.  It is, the animal equivalent of health insurance.

Pet Insurance can cover medicine, surgeries, routine checkups, or other visits to the vet.  Procedures and treatment for pets can be very expensive if the injury or illness is severe enough.

Now that your pet has become a part of the family, their well-being is a concern, weather he/she is boarded while you are away, or travels with you.Bandaged Stuffed Dog

This new revelation, has encouraged pet owners both old and new to seek assistance in finding a travelers Pet Insurance that is flexible enough to provide coverage for their pet while away from home (boarded or traveling with its owner), or making that trip to the park for a little daily exercise.

Most, if not all, pet insurance companies allow the use of any licensed veterinarian, emergency hospital, or specialist in the United States. Restrictions on where you can use Pet Insurance vary at the international level.  There are several providers that extend coverage to Canada and/or Puerto Rico, but my choice for a provider is Embrace Pet Insurance, because coverage is provided worldwide as long as you reside in the US for at least 51% of the year.

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Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?  Travel Insurance protects an upcoming trip against interruptions, cancellations, flight delays, limited medical coverage, etc.  So, how does Travel Insurance enter into a conversation about A Travelers Pet Insurance?

  • If when traveling, you become ill, who will care for your pet?
  • When traveling, you become ill, and your pet is boarded at home, who will cover the additional boarding costs?

The insurance policy needed for the examples noted above is Travel Insurance.  This coverage is not included in all TravelAirplane Cabin Insurance Policies.  When shopping for Travel Insurance to accommodate your Travel needs, just check for a policy that either includes pet kennel coverage, or offers an endorsement you could add to the Travel Insurance policy of choice.

Let me suggest three policies that meet that need.


All three policies can be found on the AARDY.COM insurance platform.

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Coverage Provided Under A Homeowners Policy

I owned an insurance agency for over thirty-seven years.  I can’t tell you the number of times people called to ask if pets were covered under their Homeowners policy.  The answer is yes, your pets are covered under your homeowner’s policy, but only under the liability portion of the contract.  If your pet is the cause of injures to someone else (no coverage for bodily injury to the insured or anyone in the insureds household), or is the cause of damage to someone’s property (no coverage for damage done to the insureds property), then coverage is extended to pay for the injuries and/or damage caused by their pet. To be perfectly clear, any damage to your property caused by your pet is specifically excluded.


Insurance is defined as a practice or arrangement by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium.

Most people hate thinking about insurance.  So, the challenge for me is to share the insurance knowledge I gained through 37 years of experience, in a way that people who avoid insurance or insurance related topics, can get answers to their specific insurance questions, with little or no pain.

This article, titled “A Travelers Pet Insurance” will direct the reader to the site or sites where pet owners who like to travel can quickly find solutions to their specific travel concerns regarding the addition of a pet to the household.

I look forward to reading your comments and don’t forget to share this article with friends and family.

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